Blonde Hair In Your 40's


Base: 1/2 oz. SOCOLOR 7N & 1/2 oz. 7A & 1 oz. 9N & 2 oz. 20 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer

Balayage: 1:1 Light Master & 40 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer

Toner: 1:1 Color Sync 8N & 10 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer


Natural level: 7
Desire level: 7
Percent of Grey: less than 50%

Creating multi-dimensional results for grey coverage clients’ allows for a modern look.


Section into quadrants.

Start by applying grey coverage formula to the new growth where hair has the highest % of grey, then continue until you complete all quadrants. Process accordingly. Rinse, cleanse and dry hair.

To create multi-dimensional results, freehand paint babylights throughout the entire head. Process until desired lightness is achieved or up to 50 minutes at room temperature.


Rinse thoroughly, cleanse with Total Results Color Obsessed shampoo and conditioner. Style as desired.