Blonde Hair In Your 20's


Base: 1:1 SoBLUR Mute & 10 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer

Balayage: 1 scoop Light Master & 1 scoop Freehand Additive & 1 oz. 40 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer


For Meghan we have chosen to perform a base adjust service to soften her natural level and to create soft diffusion between her natural level and highlights.


Apply base adjust formula to the new growth area down through the hair strand where a longer new growth is evident. Apply quickly, process up to 10 minutes, rinse, cleanse and dry hair.

Next, freehand paint in “V” sections with balayage formula throughout the head creating lighter pieces around the face to add brightness. Process until desired level of lightness is achieved or up to 50 minutes at room temperature.


Rinse thoroughly, cleanse with Total Results Color Obsessed shampoo and conditioner. Style as desired.