Matrix Instagram Stickers

Want to add cool Matrix stickers to your social post? Follow the below steps and post away!

1. Upload or take a picture or video to your Instagram story
2. Select the face at the top of the page
3. Select GIPHY search and seach for socolorcult
4. Place the sticker you like on your picture or video and save


Or, simply download one or all of the stickers below to your phone and use Photoshop Mix to layer it on top of your pic!

Don't forget to #Matrix & #SoColorCult.

To download stickers to your mobile device, touch and hold the sticker you would like until the image option menu appears. For iPhone, select save image. For Android, select download image.


Download Photoshop Mix app from the APP Store:

SoColor Cult Logo + Demi

SoColor Cult Logo + Demi Perm

SoColor Cult Logo + Perm

SoColor Cult Logo + Semi

SoColor Cult Logo + Semi Demi

SoColor Cult Logo + Semi Perm

SoColor Cult Logo Right Overlay

SoColor Cult Logo Left Overlay

SoColor Cult Logo Center Overlay

Duckie Left Overlay

Duckie Right Overlay

Matrix Logo Overlay

Cone Left Overlay

Cone Right Overlay

Lego Left Overlay

Lego Right Overlay

Champagne Left Overlay

Champagne Right Overlay

Disco Left Overlay

Disco Right Overlay

Macaron Left Overlay

Macaron Right Overlay