It’s your chance to be a part of the 2017 Logics Trend Shoot and attend a Logics Education Class. Join our top artists and learn from the masters.
Includes round trip airfare from Domestic US, attendance and participation in 1 Logics Shoot Day, 1 Logics Education Class and Transportation Gift Card (Approximate Retail Value “ARV”: $1,700)

Here’s how to enter in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Select 1 of the 4 photos chosen by our artists as inspiration.
Cares Mills

"I love the Happy Wall in Denmark because its composure changes with each flip of a colored tile. It can be dark and moody, bright and vibrant or very digital and pixelated." - Cares Mills

Dan Csicsai

"You have cool and warm working in harmony: black moving into deep brown, then golden chestnut with the blue melting into the top. If you look at her coat  has different tones of warmth, from darkest black to light tan." - Dan Csicai

Logics Inspration_Chrystofer Benson.jpg

"I love the saturation in the picture of the sunset, the color melting of beautiful saturated tones“ - Chrystofer Benson

Lenny Strand

"This photo speaks to fashion shades that we have been seeing. I love how the colors reflect back on the water reminding me of watercolors." - Lenny Strand

Step 2

Create a haircolor and style on a client, model or mannequin that reflects the inspiration image chosen and is also inspired by Logics Colorcremes and/or Logics Imprints


Let the Color Inspire You!

For example, Chrystopher Benson use the inspiration color from flowers to create the colors seen in the image on the left. The looks he created went on to earn his title as the haircolor winner for NAHA in 2014.

Winner of NAHA’s 2014 Haircolor Award
Artist: Chrystofer Benson
Photographer: Joseph Cartright
Make-Up: Danielle Donahue

Step 3

Submit your photo via Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag:


and include the haircolor formula in the post copy.