Day 1

Sunday, 19

Welcome Day

The INSTA-World Of Matrix, Show Floor

10:00am - 6:00pm

Experience Insta-World of Matrix, shop the show floor & learn from non stop education

Red Carpet Reception


Opening Show


After Party


Day 2

Monday, 20

Main Stage Hair Presentations

Collaboration with Me

Facilitators:Philip Wolff, Alfredo Lewis, Eric Vaughn, Chrystofer Benson, Danielle Keasling, AROD

Collaboration is at the forefront of Matrix Education. Watch the industry leading artists collaborate to create inspirational looks. You’ll see them blend the worlds of behind the chair, social media and global trends as they combine signatures styles to showcase unique creations.

Texture with ME

Facilitators:Michelle O'Connor, Desmond Murray, Dilek Onur-Taylor, Robert Santana

Our texture masters share with you how working with a diversity of textures allows infinite versatility and creative discoveries. Texture adds a new dimension to any color or cut, or style. Learn to embrace all the textural possibilities and enhance every type through this presentation.

Hands-On Technical Classes

Color with Me

Facilitators:Lenny Strand, Leah Sterk, Lisa Walker

From vibrant vivids to timeless classics, any master colorist knows that formulation is key. Explore the depths of color creation and formulation with the masters of Science and technical color in this advanced, hands on class.

Shape ME

Facilitators:Daniel Roldan, Desmond Murray

Hair has no gender. From fades to intricate lines, this technique driven hands on class will focus on creating head-turning, double tapping, cuts for all of your clients.

Hair Envy with ME

Facilitators:Eric Vaughn, Lara C. Kay

Some are born with it….most are happy to pay for it! So what’s your length goal? Length, Volume or Customized color; all things are possible with the right hair extensions. Join us for special hands on collaboration with Bellami Hair on, customizing, blending and creating Hair Envy on your clients!

Business Classes

Color Connection with ME

Facilitators:Tabatha Coffey

Whether you have been a hairdresser for two years or two decades, the key to a lasting clientele and good team dynamics is human connection and managing the many human needs we deal with daily. Tabatha will guide you through effectively engaging with different personality types to insure effective communication, in-depth consultations, and continued human connection.

Financial Success with ME

Facilitators:Virginia Nersesyan

The world of financial planning can be a scary one! Whether you are a business owner, commissioned or independent stylist, this hands in class will educate you resources to protect your income, keep more money and set yourself up for long term success.

Social Media Classes


Facilitators:Kiera Doyle, Constance Robbins

It's Social media world and we’re all in it! Learn to create, adapt and master the tips and tricks to build your #GOALS, personal brand and #DREAM clientele in this fun, #onpoint, hands on class!

Day 3

Tuesday, 21

Main Stage Hair Presentations

Girl Power with ME

Facilitators:Michelle O'Connor, Dilek Onur-Taylor, Constance Robbins, Danielle Keasling, Lisa Walker

From breaking award records to breaking glass ceilings, this showcase of incredible female Artists will inspire and empower YOU with ME.

Mentor ME

Facilitators:Tabatha Coffey

Transformation and human connection are the foundation of our industry; join Tabatha Coffey as she brings to life an exciting project of mentorship, transformation and the power of education.


Live Your Color with ME

Facilitators:Chrystofer Benson, George Papanikolas

Expand your haircolor boundaries through the lens of artistic creation. From your most daring client to classic beauties…there’s a place for artistic creation on every type of client. Embrace your color signature in this fun and creative hands on class!

Style with ME

Facilitators:Mustafa Avci, Michael Albor, Danielle Keasling

Description: From chic up-dos to winsome waves, swinging ponytails, and beautiful braids; you’ll discover easy and quick styling techniques in this hands-on class. From the King of Waves to NAHA winners, you’ll learn their coveted secrets to stunning styling for every texture.

Fades & Blades With ME

Facilitators:Philip Wolff, AROD

Scissor over comb? Razor? Straight Blade? The art of barbering has taken the world by storm. Learn from the worldwide experts in barbering techniques in this specialty crafted, hands on class.

Natural Hair Goals

Facilitators:Paul Falltrick, Alfredo Lewis

Whether your clients are ingredient obsessed or want incredible shiny hair, this hands on class will indulge you in what’s possible with plant based color. Create dimensional, rich, healthy hair color and add new services for all your pickiest of clients to the fashion forward… it will make you BE-lieve in the potential of Biolage to grow your salon business.

Business Classes

Show ME the Money

Facilitators:Heather Bagby

Don’t settle for average results today! Learn how to consistently communicate a vision, turn followers into clients in the chair, and implement a plan that will drive “above average results” to your bottom line today, tomorrow and beyond!

Social Media Classes

Picture Perfect with ME

Facilitators:Dan Csicsai, Constance Robbins, Nick Stenson

A picture tells a thousand words. Does pictures of your work say what you want them to? From Concept to Creation, Editorial to Social this specialty hands-on class will teach you the skills needed to create capture that perfect shot every time.

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