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Working together, we’re cutting Diversion.

Advanced Product Coding

We are committed to using the most effective technology with 100% accuracy to code, track and uncover the sources of Diversion.

Client Education

We provide ongoing programs to educate clients on the importance of purchasing genuine L’Oréal Professional Products only in authorized salons, spas or authorized salon related website.

Get Involved

If you are approached by a collector, please get their name and phone number and contact L’Oréal Professional Products Division at [email protected] or call our hotline at 800-503-3997.



Matrix offers a wide range of haircare, haircolor and hair texturizing products including: Biolage, Amplify, Sleek.look, Vavoom, Solutionist and Design Pulse. We are so confident with the performance of Matrix products you’ll find in our salons, that we offer consumers a money-back guarantee. If within 4 weeks of the date of purchase you have been exclusively using a Matrix product and you are not satisfied with the performance, please follow the instructions below and we will provide you with a full refund.

Send via ground shipment and postmarked within 4 weeks from date of purchase, the unused portion in its original package along with the original receipts with your purchase price and authorized salon/spa information circled to:

Matrix Consumer Affairs

PO Box 2007

Westfield, NJ 07091-2007

To ensure a full refund, you MUST have purchased the product from an authorized salon/spa. Matrix can only guarantee the performance of our products when purchased through an authorized salon/spa or authorized salon related website. If you have purchased any of our products from the following, we can not guarantee that the products are within our standards and therefore will not be able to provide you with a refund.

  • Unauthorized Sales Outlets
  • Any Mass Retailer
  • Mass Discount Store
  • Drugstore
  • Grocery Store
  • Online Auction sites

Please purchase Matrix products from salons and spas that can offer you the best service and product recommendations for your hair. Only products purchased in a salon or spa are guaranteed to perform to our standards. Thank you for supporting your salon and spa community.

The content of this policy is only applicable to the United States. Matrix reserves the right to update, revise or discontinue the program in the future.